We’re here because we believe tomorrow’s worship experience should be efficient, innovative, and consistent. We believe in the power of the worship space, and equip churches to believe in theirs.


Our Values

• We value our client’s ongoing story, and support it accordingly. We come along to help churches realize their aesthetic vision, to implement it in their house of worship, and to keep it thriving in the future.

• We value the qualitative trajectory of the Pro AVL industry, and we continue learning and growing to ensure that we’re always working with the best of the best.

• We value our clients so much that we’ve merged with a solution support enterprise that’s been serving clients for decades.

All this to say, we’re serious about our clientele, serious about the future of Pro AVL, and passionate about our part in the worship experience.


Our Approach

We approach our work believing that it’s not just another system we’re designing, it’s yours. We immerse ourselves in your dreams, needs, and plans and come out making a reality of it with an AVL solution. Our team works as a unit with close communication, ensuring that nothing gets lost from design to support, and that all is seamless throughout your project. Throughout the solution, industry experts will be designing your system, executing it onsite, and backing it up with excellent service. We do all of this with your needs in mind, and we’ve got a long list of clients that are very satisfied with our approach.


Our Team