AV Tips and Tricks to Save Your Church in 2019


In a recent interview, we sat down with a champ named James Hurley. James is one of our Solution Designers, and before his time at Ellis Pro Media, he helped engineer the initial AVL solutions for Hillsong’s NY and LA campuses. We sat down with James to discuss practical ways to save a church money and time in 2019. Here’s what we found out: 


  1. “Learn more about what you already have.” 

James shared that oftentimes churches are full of untapped equipment that can put out way more than they’re being used for. It’d be like having a guitar, only knowing four chords, and saying you need a new one. As a team, start doing some research on what you’ve got in house, and what it could do that you’re not yet aware of. Through trial and error, your team can start to break into a new level of production with current equipment, building trust with leadership for future purchases. This is stewardship at its truest level: getting all you can out of all you have.  

This will save your church lots of money in the long run, because you’re creating a new normal on your team; one that doesn’t react to the next biggest and brightest, but owns their system, and operates it at max capacity. 


     2. “Proof of Concept” 

One of the things you want to do as a production team is to put the desired new technology into language your leadership team can understand. For your leadership team, a bunch of tech talk isn’t going to help them make the decision. What will help though is showing stats on the size of impact the church could be making. Broadcast audio is a great example of this. You’ve got this opportunity to reach many more people and see lives touched and transformed. Your leadership team wants to see those numbers, not an excerpt of tech jargon memorized from the manual.  

By making your way out of the sound room to get the pulse in different departments, you’ll get a better understanding of how to serve the whole church with AVL. 


      3. “Protecting Assets”  

James’ last big tip for saving your church in 2019 is by protecting its assets. You will accomplish this by taking a practical, holistic approach to the equipment you already own. Take inventory, label everything, be steady. If you have volunteers coming in to help with a weekend, have things labeled so they know where to put them during tear down. If you have a team coming in from another church, know what you have so you’re not buying equipment before the event that’s already in the backroom. James summed this up by saying, “You don’t know what you have until you know what you have.”  

You don’t know what you have until you know what you have.

When leadership walks into your area, you want them to have a trust that you’re running the production with excellence. This will save your production team from searching aimlessly for misplaced equipment and give your team a confidence in the job they’re doing.  


Last Thoughts 

With exceptional maintenance, empathy to speak your leadership’s language, and creativity to find out what all your equipment can do, you will be well on your way to a great year in production. Production teams thrive when they’re on beat with the rest of the church body, enhancing an experience with AVL that the church didn’t even know was possible. Make this the year you stretch your current solution and amplify your church’s impact with excellence.  

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