Your Church's Key to AVL Success

Where there is no vision, the production perishes.
— Proverbs 29.18, EPM Translation

It’s the beginning of the year, still early enough so everyone remembers their New Year’s resolutions. For your (less wordy) church production team, this could be the year your worship space looks like you imagined it would when you first started out. You’ve seen the budget, and you think you’ve got just enough money to buy the latest AVL equipment and see your church take on the vision you’ve hoped for. For others, you’re hoping for the “immeasurably more”, but you’re not sure what it looks like, or even more importantly, what you would do if you got it. For all the lofty visions and dreams a new year can bring, we suggest that the #1 thing you can do for your worship space this year is to steward what you already have. In this blog, we’ll be talking about a plan for your current AV solution. Then, when it comes time to implement your next vision, you’re confident to maintain it. 


Where Production Teams Get Stuck 

Remember the first service after an AVL install? You knew where everything was, what everything did, and how long the solution would last. You had a plan to maintain it, and you felt secure in the solution. But somewhere between that New Year’s feeling and a Sunday night service in July, you lost track of what it felt like to have control. We think you can trace this all back to one moment in time: When you realized you needed to sacrifice maintenance for production. At first, it seemed logical. You only have so many hours in your worship space, and it takes time to keep the production running the way it did at install. Yet without the time for maintenance, it all turns into a trap. Decisions become reactive, research isn’t done, and a few years down the road you own a bunch of equipment you needed in the moment but not for the long term. It’s a pain point so many churches experience. Production teams are being asked to wear too many hats. Not only is it inefficient, it takes its toll on the team.  


Stewarding Your Current Solution 

Take the time this year to do a full assessment of your space. Take inventory, label things, document every piece of equipment and how long it is expected to last. This will take some extra time, time you will have to spend away from production. Trust us, it will help you out in the long run. This will start to create a new normal in your AV experience at church, one that is proactive and not reactive. Develop a plan for the next couple of years and take the time to rehearse that plan throughout the year. Budget time to research the kind of solution that is congruent with your vision. This way, when you buy your next pieces of equipment, they are bits you’ll be happy you bought in years to come. With this plan going forward, you’ll relieve your church of production headaches, giving your team a confidence in your equipment they haven’t had since the first Sunday after install.  


Final Thoughts 

It’s going to take space to catch vision for the upcoming months and years. Create that space by identifying production pain points and doing something about them. Your AV solution is likely a million-dollar investment. You want to protect it with attention and maintenance, and if this blog has triggered you at all, you should consider a plan as the #1 way to make the most in your AVL experience this year. You wouldn’t buy a photocopier without getting a service plan for it, how much more should you have a plan to serve your AVL equipment? 

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