Crossroads Church


An authentic community of Christ-followers who believe that your life is made for more.

We’ve worked with Crossroads on a handful of projects over the years, and they’re the real deal. They’re a church that equips their members to be fully involved and supported in everything they do. So naturally, the solutions they commission us to create need to be user-friendly for any church member or volunteer that walks into any one of their spaces.

Creating a user-friendly environment requires a complex and innovative system on the backend, and a simple and flexible experience up front. Our most recent project required that we rethink their youth room to serve as a multi-purpose room in addition to their weekly youth services. Imagine walking into a room for a bible study and switching to “meeting mode” at the touch of a button. Now, instead of operating the sound and lighting from a sound booth, the volunteers are equipped to use microphones, plug in devices, and connect to displays. No tech expert required. Later that night, the youth band meets for practice. They flip back into “performance mode”, and their sound booth is fully functional again, ready for their night of worship.

Another recent project at Crossroads was an overhaul of their kid’s ministry rooms. Of all the ministries in a church, the children’s department is the one that depends on volunteers in a serious way. They came to us for a centralized AV solution that make it easy for any volunteer to walk into the room and set the right atmosphere. With a simple display system in each room, a team member can simply select “preschool music”, and a predetermined and age-appropriate playlist will play in the room. No need to bring a personal device, or prepare their own music selection. Everything is centrally managed and created. Now, all the volunteers need to do is have fun with the kids.

Flexible and user-friendly environments are absolutely crucial for the way church is done today. Volunteers are the lifeblood of any vibrant church community, and setting them up for success is absolutely crucial. With innovative AV solutions, you’re able to bypass the noise and keep people doing what they do best: loving your church well.

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