the wOrship Experience

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As a church, you don’t want your worship space’s best days behind you.

You want an AVL solution that makes room for your message. This will require not just a static solution, but an active partner that supports the ongoing story of your growing church.

As a partner, we want your best worship experiences to happen every week.

Ellis Pro Media is that partner. We listen to your story, we surround it with an AVL solution, and we support it around the clock. We’re a tomorrow company partnering with tomorrow’s church.

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Future-proof your space with a partner you can count on.

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In design, we take what we know to be true in technology and what we’ve learned after deep-diving into your story, to bring the the two together for a solution. We develop construction drawings, renderings, and Bill of Materials (BOM’s) to find the best fitting solution possible. Design is where we discover, develop, and document your next worship experience.


Now it’s time to turn the drawing into reality. During the build phase, our team of installers and field engineers come out to your space and actualize the solution. We maximize these systems to function at peak capacity, ensuring you get not just what you paid for, but what you hoped for. We end the build phase by making sure that what we drew up at the beginning is exactly what you have in your space.


By now, we’re not just the company that installed your AVL solution, we’re a member of your team. We stay with you and support the mission, guaranteeing that the system runs according to plan. This way, what was true for your worship experience on day one is true in the future. You won’t have to worry anymore about knowing all the answers, and you won’t worry when something isn’t working. You’ll have an on-call support team that keeps your audio, visual, and lighting running full strength.  

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