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Your community looks to you as a beacon of light, hope, and excellence. If you’ll bring the hope, we’ll take care of the rest.



Design begins the moment you start telling us your story. We’re listening to the needs and desires you have for production, and we’re translating them into the audio, visual, and lighting solutions we’ve become experts in. During the development stage, we’re working to reconcile the budget you have and the solution you hope for. Sometimes they’re at odds. Stretching your dollar as far as we can, we develop construction drawings, renderings, and a bill of materials for a solution that is consistent with your church’s message. By this time, we’ve gone back and forth with you, learning where you see your church in the future, and the solution it’s going to take to get you there. Once the solution is documented, we are ready to come install it.

  • 3D Room Modeling

  • Audio and Lighting Coverage Predictions

  • Architectural Drawing Sets

  • System Schematics

  • Wired/Wireless Network

  • Facility Control and Automation




Our relationship with manufacturers and experts in the field allow us to pull from the top shelf of the AVL industry. We are factory authorized dealers, versed in the catalog, and when we show up for installation, it’s with equipment we trust and love working with. By this time, our team of installers are on the same wavelength as our solution designers, and they’re ready to turn the drawings into reality. They will enact the floor and ceiling plans, rigging sound equipment, plotting the production lighting, and installing the control system. The end goal for the installation team is to actualize what design worked out on paper. During the build phase, our lead installer is working with the rest of the install team as well as the vendor contractors, keeping the timeline for the deployment as true to plan as possible. By the end of the phase, we will have realized the vision we discovered with the client, and approved the system for use.

  • Installation

  • Schedule Coordination

  • As-Built Documentation

  • Procurement

  • Project Management

  • Commissioning




What good would your solution be if it doesn’t function like it did on day one? Would it really be a solution? We believe support is where it matters most. The support phase begins the minute we walk out the door after installation, continuing on in the partnership we’ve developed throughout the project. By this point, we know the solution in your worship space inside and out. We also work to train and educate your team on its working parts. From this day forward, we’ll be working together whenever there’s an interruption or difficulty, maintaining a quality assurance for the days ahead. This way, your best worship experience happens every week, just like we planned. A support system can be the difference between an anxious worship experience and a powerful one. We pride ourselves in giving our clients a peace of mind for the future.

  • Remote Support

  • Educational Resources

  • Additional Training

  • Industry Updates

  • Expert Consultation

  • Continual Partnership